Silent Hill : Not A Theme Park Ride

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Silent Hill : Not A Theme Park Ride

Post  GothicVampireGirl on Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:38 am

Characters ;

Conor - Livvi
Name : Conor Fredrick Maguire

Age : 19 (06/11/1990)

Gender : Male

Height : 5 foot 4

Nationality : British (Born in Reading, South-east England)

Occupation : Tattoo-ing apprentice

Weapon of choice : Fire axe

Personality : Lacking in common sense, laid back, almost completely dumb, generally uncaring but often very short tempered.

Likes : Animals, making innuendo's, making referrences, eating.

Dislikes : Children, being short, people that panic too much, not knowing, darkness.

Rupert - Ruth

Name : Rupert Cecile Hodgson

Age : 20 (16/09/1989)

Gender : Male

Height : 6"1'

Nationality : Born on a British Territory in Germany

Occupation : Full University Student Studying Archaeology / Part Cashier

Weapon of Choice : Televisions.

Personality : Indecisive, Sarcastic with Sadistic Tendencies. Happy-go-lucky but has a short temper. Too polite, at times.

Likes : Happy Music, Singing, History, Driving, Teasing People, Learning, and getting scared.

Dislikes : Needles, Goats, Bullies, Darkness, Not Being Able To See, Being Alone, Scary Sounds, Running, Mannequins.


-need to work out properly-

Will edit as we work stuff out

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